Celebrating Milestones on a Cruise

Celebrating Milestones on a Cruise

Cruises can be wonderful way to celebrate milestones with spectacular experiences. Here are some reasons to cruise into a celebration:

Get Away with Closest Friends and Family

A special day can be shared with closest loved ones, be it friends or family. Thanks to the time away, individuals can honour those great life moments with the people who are most treasured. Skip the big group of everyone you ever met. Turn instead to a fuss-free experience with a close-knit gathering.

Balance Social Time and Independence

Varieties of on-board activities offer great options. Groups can either stay together or split up for their own separate interests. Some people in a group could be keen to see a show, such as Cirque du Soleil. Other individuals may want to let their hair down like dancing the night away. A group could embrace quality time together at a restaurant for lunch or dinner, or evening drinks listening to music. Or people can choose their own preferences, dining.at a speciality restaurant All individuals can suit themselves or gather for group activities on a cruise. Everyone will enjoy the celebration.

Turn a Party Into a Holiday

Continue the festivities beyond a single event. A cruise will travel at sea, comfortable accommodation, various events on-board, visits to on-land destinations. This is a chance to go beyond the usual parties, that may only go for a few or several hours.

Great Deals for Birthdays and Life Stages

Discount value prices exist for specific purposes, such as those offered by MSC Cruises. If a cruise falls on an individual’s actual birthday, the latest offer allows that person to cruise for free when travelling with a partner or companion.

Celebrate Work Achievements

Anyone can feel rewarded for all that hard work in a particular job or a career. Relax on a cruise to enjoy a break from the daily grind. Have a look at discounts for cruises, or even particular industry discounts.

Teachers can reward themselves after hectic session, escaping with a relaxing getaway. The school term could have been a handful. A university or college semester may have been stressful. Have a break from always running the show, and feel looked after on a relaxing holiday. MSC Cruises offers a 10% discount for Australian and New Zealand teachers. This includes individuals who currently teach in primary school, secondary school, tertiary institutions and universities. These adventures at sea can be ways for lecturers, tutors and teachers to unwind.

Romantic Relationship Milestones

Couples in all life-stages can signify great moments in any relationship. It could be a first holiday away, proposal, wedding or commitment ceremony or anniversary. Those who were together for decades may be reaching the silver or gold anniversaries. Young couples can enjoy their first visits to amazing countries. Discounts can be applied when choosing to travel together, so there are more opportunities to focus on what matters most. MSC Cruises offers a 2nd Passenger 50% Discount*. This is an ideal way to cruise together and save. Then that cute couple will be able to see the Mediterranean, Cuba, Caribbean, Northern Europe or the Arabian Peninsula. Show that you remembered that important date or moment in the relationship. And go the extra mile, by sharing the day in style.