MSC Preziosa Christening | Vespa’s, Flash Mobs and Italian Style Part II

The following MSC Cruises (Australia) article has been written courtesy of Donna Anderson,  staff member, and her experiences during the MSC Preziosa christening in March 2013.

After a never ending breakfast in MSC Preziosa’s buffet, we emerged again on deck to see the huge marquee being readied for the evenings events on the wharf between MSC Opera and MSC Preziosa. Looking down it was a tiny spot however as night dawned, the marquee shimmered with laser lights, stars and at the end of the evening it was our window to the finale of fireworks that lit up the sky and the ship in one dazzling spectacle.

Dressed in my finery ready to meet our team for drinks later that evening, I mused about the night ahead. I already knew the details in general, speeches, MSC’s global vision, performances, and the christening of course. What I was interested in was how they would make it wonderful and how I would feel! Would it be emotional, would it be inspiring, would it be captivating. My last christening was for my nephew and it was all these things mixed with some interesting smells!!! So it would be interesting to see how the 12th ship christening for MSC would pan out.

My first inkling of excitement turned to awe as it started. Gems spun and twirled projected on screen as the lights dimmed and the beautiful  star of the evening, MSC Preziosa glittered in front of us behind the translucent marquee. Big drum crescendos brought chills and the welcome began. From the speech of MSC Cruises CEO, Mr Vago, to the entertainment from the ships crew showcasing a pure cirque du soleil style performance. it was packed with moments of grandeur…..beautiful young ballerinas made us smile with delight ….however the best was yet to come!

The Italian songs from Gino Paoli were breath-taking, even in Italian. I felt like I was part of a  beautiful Italian opera as I drank in his melody and lyrical voice. While maestro Ennio Morricone, who conducted the 55 piece orchestra made my heart lift and glide with his passion and pieces of music that inspired me to see myself high on top of Italian mountains enjoying the vista, vespa riding through cobble streets and generally dreaming of myself as a young Sophia Loren on the Italian Riveria, all this as I swayed in my seat and the music welled and soared around me, and crescendoed to a final explosion of applause.

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