MSC Preziosa Christening | Vespa’s, Flash Mobs and Italian Style Part III

The following MSC Cruises (Australia) blog post article has been written courtesy of staff member, Donna Anderson, and her experiences during the MSC Preziosa christening in March 2013.

Finally it was time to celebrate the reason for our delight and I can tell you with the entourage of the ships officers in white finery marching through the crowd. The beautiful entrance of Sophia Loren on the arm of MSC Preziosa’s charming Captain Bossi, the cutting of the ribbon and release of the champagne bottle, with wild luminous fireworks overhead it was hard to hear the “Welcome to MSC’s 12th ship, MSC Preziosa!” above everyone’s cheering.

We all hugged, laughed and generally felt like we had been at the Italian Academy Awards as we were part of this memorable event and as we moved back to the ship for the Gala dinner, the consensus was  in. The evening was amazing.

As I rested my weary head after the christening I pondered on the meaning of the word christening, a dedication of something new. The event I had just enjoyed was more than a dedication, it was a celebration, a ceremony and a memorable moment all rolled into one for our new lady of the sea. I know like everyone else I am dedicated to her now and I couldn’t wait to see her in cruising action in the coming days.