MSC Preziosa Christening | Vespa’s, Flash Mobs and Italian Style!

The following MSC Cruises (Australia) blog post article has been written courtesy of staff member, Donna Anderson, and her experiences during the MSC Preziosa christening in March 2013.

My love of travel has been with me since I was a child. Funnily enough, both my parents hate to fly and have never stepped out of Australia all their life, however my dad tells me the glint of travel in my eye comes from my grandfather who loved to explore! As I set off at the crack of dawn, my excitement to experience first-hand an international ship christening was fraught with danger ….. a danger that I would want to stay forever and never return!

It’s cold but brisk at 6am as I excitedly head to port for the first glimpses of MSC Preziosa as she cruises into the beautiful port of Genoa, Italy from the French shipyard of St Naizaire. I must admit, I was like an expectant mother: nervous, jittery and worried if all would go well, and as 140,000 tonnes edged around the corner at 333 metres long and 38 metres wide …… my heart swelled and the tears welled, yep I’m a softy when it comes to our ships. MSC Preziosa, with waterfalls from the tug ships, rounded the corner and elegantly pivoted on a dime before gracefully reversing butt end in to the beautiful port of Genoa as the sun broke through the grey dawn.

The day of the christening dawned grey but not rainy, talk about making history with MSC Preziosa entering Genoa yesterday. This morning, we gathered in the chill on the deck to watch as MSC Opera and MSC Splendida arrive to make it a trio of MSC Cruise vessels when they entered Genoa harbour and berthed on either side of our star ship. It again was an amazing feature of captaincy to watch these ships “reverse park” into their spots and made for a virtual 2 hours of photographic pleasure!
Boy am I a geek for cruising and its only day 2!
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