MSC Preziosa’s Vibe | Lynne Clarke’s Account Part II

After the meeting we went straight down to the reception area to meet our guests.  It was a hive of activity and extreme buzzy-ness.  People everywhere, many of whom I had not seen for a couple of years. I felt at home and at the same time excited and delighted, especially surrounded by the hub bub of everyone. However, I still needed the moment to “connect with the ship”.






Sitting in the chair talking  my eyes wondered to the magnificent lights that are shaped liked sea shells above the reception area walls.  They are so simple, yet stunningly beautiful.  It was a that moment that I suddenly realised I was in fact connected with the ship.  She had welcomed me naturally on board, she had created that feeling of natural warmth and comfort. She had embraced me, it was not me to embrace her. MSC Preziosa is just – as the name suggests – precious.  I was where I belonged and could not wait to find time alone to enjoy and discover all the areas of this precious new ship, who would from henceforth carry so many hopes, dreams, secrets and memories, of our future passengers.  I could not help but excuse myself and take a closer look at the surroundings, the magnificent waterfall, the illuminated lifts carrying people on their new venture.  It was not me who was going to decide when to explore and get to know the ship, she had controlled when it would happen and I was now under her spell.  She was carrying me on the journey.


What’s so magnificent about MSC Preziosa is that she’s like a museum full of magnificent art objects, and you’re allowed to touch them! So go and explore, your creative side will not be left disappointed!

For example when you are in the Diamond Lounge, go and look at the beautiful works of art that are discretely placed in inserts in the wall.  They actually have replica diamonds in them.  They are in stone works of art.  The table legs are cut out like diamonds.  The colour silver is represented, yet it does not create a cold feeling, rather that of elegance and glamour.


As you walk through the different areas of the ship, you will notice the attention to detail everywhere.  Outside the candy shop, there is a magnificent art work shaped like a jar of liquorice all sorts, my all-time favourite.  Thank goodness they were not real, as I would have spent a lot of more time sitting in the corner eating them.  The statues at the entrances and in the wide and expansive passage ways are quirky and fun.  However, let me not give away all her delights, discover her for yourself and ensure you give yourself time to find her individual works of arts that make up her precious feeling.

Author: Lynne Clarke is the Managing Director of MSC Cruises (Australia).