MSC Preziosa’s Vibe | Lynne Clarke’s Account

Like any great star who makes her presence known, MSCPreziosa was no exception.  She dominated the “la superba” city of Genoa and no-one could ignore her magnificent body, instead we all stared in wonder and awe.  In fact she dominated the city and changed the skyline.  No-one would forget the day she made her entrance on the 22 March 2013.

I first viewed her from my hotel window, situated a kilometre from the port, early in the morning. After a week of rain, and cold weather, the sun came out to  welcome her to her new home in the Mediterranean.  She would have certainly made her mark as she glided past the legendary landmark of Genoa, the ancient  lighthouse Lanterna.  After bearing witness to so many ships since the 12 century, I wonder what Lanterna  would have thought of this modern new diva of the seas?

Watching MSC Preziosa, I wondered if she would live up to her name? Would she be precious? And how would she compare to the divine MSC Divina, who most certainly is divine in every way.  What enhancements could we have possibly made to ensure she still created that wow factor.  A feeling of doubt arose and I hoped I would not feel disappointed or even worse, feel detached and unemotional about her. Perhaps she would merely be another member of the cruise family.

Whatever the case, I would find out soon enough, but  discovering her would have to wait, as we had to attend a meeting immediately upon our arrival on-board.

My first experience  was therefore the meeting room. I purposely did not survey my surroundings in any manner as I did not want to spoil my initial impressions when I could truly look at her.  As her layout is the same as the Fantasia class ships, I merely embarked and took the lift straight up to the meeting room ignoring my surroundings.  I must have looked quite strange as the people around me were talking excitedly, their heads  turning like the spring head toy dogs that sit on the dashboard of some peoples cars, from side to side and up and down. I kept my head and eyes down until I entered the room.

Now, that is certainly a conference room with a view. Natural light illuminated the area, and gone were the days of sitting in four stark walls, not knowing whether it was night or day, sunny or rainy.  Our vista was the beautiful city and surrounding port area.  To actually be on the water again was wonderful.  I have always said that I can breathe again when I am on the ships and although we were not under sail, I still experience that “yoga-like” deep breath feeling.  We continued the meetings whilst at sea, and it created a feeling of calm and serenity. A good place to be if any conflict needs to be resolved!  I must admit eyes do occasionally  wonder from the speaker to the magnificent surrounding views.

Author: Lynne Clarke is the Managing Director of MSC Cruises (Australia).