Red Sea Day 5: Israel Part Two – Cruiseventures with Lynne Clarke

The second part of our journey into Israel – down to the waters of the Dead Sea.

After a pleasant lunch, we made our way onto the beach of the Dead Sea.  The colour of the water is very different, and I can only describe it as heavy looking.  The sun was disappearing behind a mountain when we arrived, causing a drop in temperature.  For some reason I had anticipated warm water, however it was not so, and I really had to summon strength and remember that this was an experience I could not miss.  I am normally best to merely “take the plunge” when water is below that normal ideal temperature.  However in the Dead Sea you cannot dive in so it was a slow, slightly chilly, experience.  Totally worth it and very funny.  You have to lower yourself in a sitting position, quickly lift up your legs and then float on your back.  May I confirm that -float you do- and it is not a hoax as many people believe when they look at photos.  Your body literally pops up on top of the water.  One cannot physically swim, as you will merely tip over, so it’s a truly blissful floatation experience.  No float tank in a spa could ever compete with that.  The other very strange aspect is the fact that the salt content is extremely high, however you do not get that typical salty feel when you get out of the water.  Your skin feels soft.  It is as a result of the high mineral content. Of course I had to try the water, and literally dabbed a dot on my tongue.  It burnt for a good few minutes, so a bit of advice: never let any get near your eyes and beware if you have a scratch or sore.

It was amazing to be at the lowest place on earth. In fact, 400 metres below sea level.  It’s incredible when you think about it.  The sea is fed by the Jordan River, and as there is no outlet, and because of the high evaporation it produces high contents of raw minerals, which hopefully helped rejuvenate my skin.  I did buy some of the products from the area, and I will be sure to let you know if any miraculous changes occur.

The ship was certainly becoming our home away from home.  It was such a lovely feeling to know we were going back to a place that we knew and felt so comfortable in, rather than travelling to a new hotel and having to unpack once again and find where to go and what to do etc.  On the drive back from the Dead Sea, we were happy to be going back to our little haven; MSC Armonia.

Floating (we didn’t have too many photos here as it was pretty chilly this time of year)

Jordan River, from Masada as we prepare our minds for the next port of call, Jordan

Author: Lynne Clarke is the Managing Director of MSC Cruises (Australia).