Did Somebody Say ‘Flash Mob’?

We have a very special announcement for our readers today that involves the christening of MSC Preziosa, in Genoa 23 March this year.

There will be a flash mob! No, you haven’t misread, as part of our commitment to keeping up with fashionable trends, it is only fitting that MSC Cruises would have a christening event that included the global phenomenon of flash mobbing.

The flash mob will not only include MSC Preziosa, but also MSC Splendida and MSC Opera who will be in  port on the day.

Check your travel dates! You may be involved.

Guests on either ship will be provided a pack in their cabins that will include special lamps and instructions of what to do when the activity commences. We believe it will be an awesome experience!

The flash mob will be conducted to music, with lights and people making for an unprecedented christening. Of course, weather permitting