Let’s Start Talking MSC Preziosa

We cannot believe MSC Preziosa will be christened next month in Genoa, Italy. How fast is this year going? The 96 hour sale which is just in its final hours and has been a great success. We are coming into our main travel expo season. Busy times, but we are very excited here at MSC Cruises (Australia) in Sydney and will have some new product launching next week and over the month of February too.

We’ve been extremely pleased with everyone’s feedback on our blog so far. Thank you for reading. We hope in particular that you found Lynne’s blog on the Red Sea interesting. We hope to bring you more stories like this when we can. Your comments were appreciated, and Lynne has been getting back to people personally to answer any questions people have had.

So, on MSC Preziosa. Some of you may, or may not be aware of the interesting history behind how MSC Cruises acquired  the hull of the MSC Preziosa. MSC Divina had originally meant to be our final Fantasia Class vessel in the interim.
Basically, the hull was originally commissioned for private use by the now deceased former dictator of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi. Needless to say, the sudden demise of the Libyan autocrat mean that the commission was cancelled.
STX France negotiated with MSC Cruises and agreed to take the hull and convert it into our 4th Fantasia class vessel. For your own personal information should you ever get aboard our precious jewel, the main reception area was originally where Gaddafi planned to keep his shark tanks!!!
Over the coming month, we’ll let you in on a few exciting things one can expect from MSC Preziosa. To kick start, we thought we’d let you know about the Aurea Beauty treatments exclusive to this vessel.
Treatments will include precious facial treatments using hematite based products, and precious body treatments using malachite minerals renowned for their anti ageing properties. Have a read of the press release to find out more about these tailored treatments in our news section.