Let’s Relax, Let’s Go to the MSC Aurea Spa

Cruising and Relaxation

As a cruiser, we think we can all agree that a lot of why we cruise is for our own self preservation: getting away from it all at sea. Relaxing, reading a good book on the lido deck, perhaps sipping a mojito, enjoying the sun, and eating great food (often too much of it). After all, this is what any type of holiday is about. The real difference with a cruise holiday is that we don’t have to stress about checking in and out of hotels, meeting land transfers, flights, and getting lost in a foreign country.

MSC Aurea Spa

MSC Cruises, like all major players, have a wide range of spa treatments. We call ours the MSC Aurea Spa. And what better way to completely escape into a world of relaxation than with one of the Balinese massage and Thalasso treatments?

Balinese Massage

So, first and foremost, what exactly is a Balinese massage? Basically, it’s a style that combines gentle stretches, aromatherapy, and acupressure (where force is applied to acupuncture points) all designed to stimulate the flow of oxygen into the blood. On top of standard kneading and rolling techniques, hot rocks and shells are also used to further enhance the experience. Basically, it’s like opening the door to heaven itself.


We also have thalassotherapy available in the MSC Aurea Spa. The treatment involves applying seawater heated to body temperature to enhance your bodies ability to absorb important minerals and ions into your skin and to further enhance circulation. Given the type of pollution, toxins and stress we are exposed to in our day-to-day lives, this has to be a good thing, right?

 Spa Packages

MSC Aurea Spa offers many different wellness packages, but to give you a rough idea of what’s available, see details of the “Aurea Body and Mind” offering:

  • Personal consultation and welcome herbal tea
  • Entrance to the Thermal SPA for the entire duration of the cruise
  • 1 Aurea del Mare shells massage, 50 mins
  • 1 Bali Massage, 60 mins
  • 1 Facial rlax treatment, 60 mins
  • 1 Body tratment “Aurea Thalassa”, 90 mins