Still So Much to Unwrap… MSC Preziosa!

Festive celebrations in style



Now you have finished the Christmas pudding and are thinking of 100 more ways to cook the ham, let’s take a moment and discover how our many friends enjoyed the festive day onboard our cruise ships.

As an Italian cruise liner, Christmas would not be complete without Panettoni (an Italian Christmas cake). Over the last few days over 3,000 Panettoni were loaded on board our ships for our guests to enjoy at the festive lunches and dinners held on board.

For Christmas lunch we served a range of festive delights including turkey with chestnuts, over 1,500kg of ravioli with porcini mushrooms, over 1,000kg of honey-glazed duck breast with orange sauce, and plates of slow-cooked lamb. To enjoy after the feast, passengers savoured over 900kg of Grana Padano cheeses as well as other amazing desserts.  From Christmas it’s now time to welcome in the New Year, and 2013 cruises will offer some mouth watering delights including salmon, lobster mousse, fillet of beef, and the traditional New Year chocolate logs and nougat parfait to celebrate with.




For many of us, Santa has arrived and all our presents have been unwrapped- so why are we still so excited? Well, here at MSC Cruises the excitement is still building as we get to dream of soon unwrapping our newest treasure. And this present is now starting to unfold over the festive season!

Adding the final touches!


It’s taking shape one step at a time…. MSC Preziosa (meaning precious jewel) is now being unravelled one step at a time, and we are giving you a sneak peak! Pictured above, you can see the fine artwork being crafted into each and every crevice to make the interior areas of the MSC Preziosa as elegant and inspiring as the ship itself!

While below you can see the start of the stunning Swarovski crystal staircase… imagine gliding down this glittering staircase after a day exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean… you will feel like a true jewel of a client!

The awakening of a shining staircase!


From the beauty inside… let’s look outside for a minute. You can see here that the recently announced new aqua park is already taking shape. On Deck 16, the Doremi Castle Aqua Park boasts an exhilarating pathway of sprays, water pistols, drenching buckets, and  fountains to delight and cool everyone down. Coupled with the new Vertigo waterslide – the longest waterslide to date – there will be something for everyone to enjoy and cool down with!

A world of water coming to life!

In 2013 MSC Preziosa will commence 7 night rotational cruises from the beautiful city of Genoa, Italy, visiting Messina, Tunisia, Barcelona and Marseille …..why not consider celebrating our 2013 gift with us!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL THE TEAM AT MSC CRUISES  and……..see you all in 2013!