Ten ‘At Sea’ Terms Explained

We know while at sea some “sea” terms can get a bit confusing. So to make things a little easier, we’ve selected ten words below showing their land meaning, and then their sea meaning. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

On land: roughly, approximately, regarding
At sea: to turn the ship around

On land: A cool breeze
At sea: the depth of water for a ship to sail measured from the waterline and the keel

On land: a cheeky little bird, or a delicious chocolate covered toffee with trivia questions on the wrapper
At sea: the overhang of a ship at the stern

On land: the thing on top of your shoulders
At sea: a bathroom

On land: a popular variation of Rugby Union
At sea: a unit of measurement. 1 league is 3.45 nautical miles

On land: to round up sheep
At sea: to round up crew and passengers

On land: a place to play cricket
At sea: when a ship moves forward and back with the sea while sailing

On land: a delicious kind of bread, best filled with cold meats and salad
At sea: when a ship moves left and right with the sea while sailing

On past: a terse look
At sea: the front of the ship

On past: something made from a chicken, or a popular song by the band Blur
At sea: a small boat used to ferry passengers from the ship to the land


We hope you’ve enjoyed our definitions!