Mediterranean Mood with Antipasto

Get Into the Mediterranean Mood with Antipasto Platters

A Mediterranean antipasto platter can be easy to make. The finger food will become a creative canape option for any meal or pre-event. An antipasto can be as simple or swish as you like. It allows guests to choose their preferred canapes, from the choices on a platter. Select your own collection of these foods, to serve at your next party during summer.

What You Can Include:

Olives- varieties such as Niçoise, green Picholine or salty Kalamata.

Semi dried tomatoes – these deli items are either from a jar or the fridge area.

Cheeses – Manchego, Camembert, blue cheese, aged gouda, Caciotta, Papillon cheese or Taleggio

Toasted focaccia bread – either plain or flavoured, accompanied by extra virgin olive oil.

Homemade garlic bread (mix butter and crushed garlic onto slices of baguette)

Deli meats (pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, Savory finocchiona, Spicy calabrese salami

Crackers (flavoured or unflavoured)

Roasted zucchini and capsicum

Lightly seasoned asparagus


What to Do:

Simply arrange a selection of the above tasty Mediterranean canapes onto a bright platter tray or plate. Choose an amount that will serve the number of guests who are dining. Remember this is typically a starter, not a filling main meal. Some ingredients may require small serving bowls to keep tidy.


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