MSC Preziosa Will Be A Little Bit Divine

We have more news on our new precious gem, MSC Preziosa. Today we want to tell you a little bit more about the features she will share that were new to MSC Divina.

Infinity Style Garden Pool

Like MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa will boast an infinity pool with awe inspiring endless views from the pool across the sea. While her sisters versions was minimalist, MSC Preziosa will have teak wood, mirror and platinum mosaics.

 Galaxy Restaurant

Already a hit on-board MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa will also include the Galaxy Restaurant and Bar. Based on the style of 1950s supper clubs and taking La Dolce Vita as its inspiration, the fashionable, panoramic restaurant in the disco, Galaxy Restaurant and Club.
An updated colour scheme of black and violet and some impressive new light features will create a stunning ambiance where the mix of a spectacular view, great design and music will create that perfect setting to enjoy the wonderful ‘brunch at lunch’ and Mediterranean fusion cuisine evening menus. We think it will be just gorgeous!

Shu Uemura Art of Hair cabin, vintage barbershop and more!

The renowned MSC Aurea Spa, a 1,700-square metre oriental paradise with superb sea views and exotic modern décor combining natural stones, wood and rich mosaics, will be taken to exclusive new heights on board MSC Preziosa, with several innovative features entirely unique to MSC Preziosa, including a range of original signature treatments inspired by precious minerals mentioned in an earlier blog.

MSC Preziosa’s lucky guests will also enjoy the same acclaimed features first introduced on board sister-ship MSC Divina.

When installed on MSC Divina, the healing Himalayan salt crystal bed for deep relaxation and detox was the first of its kind on a cruise ship. MSC Preziosa guests can experience this unique feature and its deeply relaxing Himalayan Dream Pure Body Treatment.

MSC Preziosa will also feature MSC Divina’s popular water bed, which enhances the experience of Aurea del Mare Thalasso, a full body hydrating thalassotherapy treatment with seaweed and mineral salts.

Boasting the second Shu Uemura Art of Hair cabin of the MSC fleet, MSC Preziosa travellers can indulge in the four sought-after rituals currently already available on MSC Divina; Shu Uemura Deep Ceremony, Intense Ceremony, Karaa Ceremony, and Introduction Ceremony, as well as two brand new ceremonies exclusive to MSC Preziosa, Pure Lightness Ceremony and Shades Reviving Ceremony.Male passengers won’t be disappointed, as MSC Preziosa also hosts the fleet’s second barbershop complete with vintage barber’s chair, offering a host of modern treatments in traditional style.Boasting each of these acclaimed innovations and several entirely original features yet to be unveiled, MSC Preziosa is really living up to her name.
We can’t wait to welcome her to the famiglia in just a few weeks!