MSC Armonia Begins Her Makeover

10 September 2014: What may have been just a regular day for you was a moment in history for MSC Cruises. Across the globe in the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo, Italy MSC Armonia begun her make-over.

She’s the first ship in her class to undergo the Renaissance Programme and we couldn’t be more excited. Journalists from around the world were watching in awe as MSCArmonia was extended by 24 metres.

Her midsection was cut open and two halves pulled apart to allow for her new prebuilt midsection to be inserted, weighing 2,200 tonnes! Sounds simple enough, right? But there was a lot of careful preparation to ensure everything went smoothly.


MSC Armonia Renaissance Programme

International Media look on as MSC Armonia is

MSC Armonia’s journey so far

2 September
The steel-cutting operation begins  when the engineers at Fincantieri marked the cutting line to allow for accurate grit blasting of the area.

3 September
MSC Armonia’s electrical systems were deactivated.

8 September
Cutting operations complete.

10 September
Brand spankin’ new midsection inserted!


Exciting changes post-graduation:

After MSCArmonia graduates from the Renaissance Programme, there will be many exciting changes:

Environmental impact

Her environmental impact will be significantly reduced.

  • A new hull treatment to minimise drag and lower water resistance, considerable reducing fuel consumption.
  • LED technology in all public spaces on-board means less energy will be consumed.
  • Variable Speed Drive Inverter installed – energy-saving system that markedly reduces the ship’s electricity consumption by adjusting it in line with operational conditions.

More, more, more!

  • 193 new cabins to be added.
  • New areas for the Baby Club built in partnership with Chicco: a new Mini Club, YoungClub,Junior Club and Teen Club.
  • New lounge area and extended restaurant.
  • Additional library fitted.
  • New spray park with exhilarating pathway of water features and water cannons!

Exclusive Images

Here’s a peak at some exclusive images of what’s in store for MSC Armonia:

We can’t wait to see more from MSC Armonia’s enhancement and we’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way. She’ll be leaving the Fincantieri shipyard 17 November 2014 just in time for her exciting inaugural cruise departing Genoa on 19 November 2014 to Las Palmas, stopping in Marseille, Cartagena, Gibraltar,Cadiz, Funchal, Santa Cruz de La Palma and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It’ll be an unforgettable 10-nights with celebrations on-board as well as on land! The cruise includes a Cheers! Drinks package, 30% discount on laundry as well as shore excursions in Cadiz, Funchal and Tenerife! We can’t wait!

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