Our family is expanding! MSC cruise ships are getting sisters!

The Treaty of Versailles wasn’t the only important document to be signed in France. While you may have been going about your day normally on the 20th of March, something extraordinary was happening at the Hotel de L’Industrie in Paris: MSC Cruises signed a letter of intent with STX France for the construction of two new cruise ships. That’s right folks, you heard it, MSC Cruises and STX France are gifting the world with two new, and might we add absolutely magnificent, cruise ships! Please don’t try and contain your excitement. Let it all out. Scream with joy! We have it on good authority that you have valid reason to be extremely happy.

Gianluigi Aponte, President of MSC group and Laurent Castain, General Manager of STX France


Although it won’t alter international borders like Versailles did, it will certainly allow you to cross them in unmatched comfort, class, and style. These new ships will be 315 meters long and 43 meters wide, which means we are able to call in many ports across the world without compromise and give our guests even more destinations to fall in love with. It might just change your world.

Don’t believe us yet? Let us picture ourselves on one of these amazing new cruise ships. Why don’t you head over to the two-deck ‘Inside Promenade’ and watch a themed performance? But what if you’re feeling a little more adventurous? Or the kids just want to have some good ol’ fun? Let’s go to the “Super Amusement Park” or if you want to make more of a splash, the “Aquapark”. We’ve heard these amusement parks are going to be pretty spectacular (the most remarkable ever installed on-board a cruise ship if we’re being precise).

Now the kids have had enough and so have you. It’s time to relax but you don’t particularly feel like relaxing in the main lounge today. This could be a problem, but it’s not because this wonderful ship has a panoramic “Aft lounge” where you can relax and watch a show. Did you hear that? Relaxing with a view and show? I might just live on this ship. You’ve worked up quite an appetite by this point and your biggest problem is choosing which of the 12 places on-board to go to for dinner. You can’t really go wrong anyway, not with all the new cuisines available.

Apart from fantastic new entertainment options, these ships will be renewed with exciting new additions to the luxuriously exclusive MSC Yacht Club area including a large solarium, a private lounge, and restaurant, all completed by duplex suites at the ships forefront. Now that sounds like a whole new world.

It only gets better. Not only is this new prototype going to be the most versatile and flexible cruise ship in the world, it is going to be cleaner, more efficient and more technological. We know, how is that even possible? I mean how could you possibly get everything you want in a cruise ship and still have it be energy efficient? The cruise ships will be water emission free with an optimised hull and propulsion system for better energy efficiency.

Just as the Treaty of Versailles gave birth to nation-states, MSC Cruises and STX France are giving birth to a new generation of ships (or more like super ships) and trust us, you will not be disappointed. I know it sounds too good to be true but, sorry Rolling Stones, it seems you can always get what you want.

Due for delivery in 2017 and 2019, we are super excited for the arrival of our new cruise ships, but don’t wait until then to experience the magic of MSC Cruises. Why not book onMSC Preziosa for a summer Mediterranean Cruise? You’ll be enchanted as you walk the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik and dive into the crystal blue waters of magnificent Mediterranean beaches in Bari. Aside from leaving you sunkissed in a way only the European summertime can, if you book a 2014 summer Mediterranean cruise you could enjoy up to $200 on-board credit.*Now that’s the Med Way of Life!