Why MSC Cruises is the cruise line for young travellers


Cruising is fast making its way on the bucket list of young travellers. Interested to find out more, we did a little digging and found the following to be the main reasons for young travellers booking MSC cruises. Among the list of motivations, one of the biggest was the cost-saving benefits offered by taking a cruising holiday

1. Savings: An all-inclusive holiday

msc divina msc cruises

Cruising should be synonymous with all-inclusive savings. We found that young travellers are usually working with a budget and looking for ways to make the most out of their travel funds. It’s safe to say that an MSC cruise fare includes all the essentials.

Accommodation and transport is married into one luxurious ‘home away from home’ where all meals and entertainment are included. We’re talking multiple course meals in an a-la-carte restaurant and unlimited food in the casual dining, buffet-style restaurant (20 hours per day). This way, you’ll never go hungry or pay for a meal if you don’t want to. There are also a multitude of entertainment options, with the most spectacular being the incredible Cirque du Soleil style theatre shows each night.

2. Killing two birds with one stone

Since a cruise ship is both a home and mode of transportation, there is no need to waste any unnecessary time. Young travellers are able to swap holiday ‘wet blankets’ such as packing and unpacking for each new destination, catching planes, transfers, checking into hotels, and frantically checking out of hotels. Instead, they spend time feasting on a five-course dinner followed by a show in the theatre or dancing the night way in a club – all while being transported in comfort to the next destination. Of course, there’s other ways to spend the night, such as the F1 Ferrari Stimulator or ten-pin bowling. In short: the ability to fall asleep in once city and wake up in another is a major plus. Best of all, travellers can return home feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

3. So much to see, so much to do

For anyone that has been on an MSC cruise ship, one thing is for sure: they are really, really, ridiculously good looking. Likened to a floating city, the dazzling, Italian-designed interiors make it hard to believe that this was actually within budget. There is never a dull moment on board with access to pools, gym, shops, spas, casinos, library, restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs and much more.

In this sense, MSC Cruises offers affordable luxury – young travellers are able to enjoy luxurious travel without breaking the bank. You can cruise in Europe, all-inclusive, for seven nights from as little as only $45 per person, per day and a seven-night Caribbean cruise, departing Miami, can start from only $60 per day. This includes accommodation, transport, meals, entertainment – oh and of course, visiting some of the world’s most incredible destinations. Let’s say it’s a nice break from that stinky hostel.

4. Multiple destinations, one journey

portofino genoa italy

Cruising allows you to tick many destinations off your bucket list in just one, stress-free journey. For example, a seven-night Mediterranean cruise aboard MSC Preziosa visits Genoa (Portofino), Rome, Palermo, La Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille. We find that many young travellers are taking longer holidays; the ability to add a seven-night MSC cruise to their month-long itinerary and allows them to visit many destinations in one journey.

5. Yes, you can still party and yes, it’s a lot of fun

When it comes to partying, cruising is probably one of the easiest places to do so. Ladies, you could be dancing in the nightclub, sipping on delicious cocktails one moment, and then quickly sneaking out to swap your high-heels for flats the next. Gentlemen, a quick visit to the buffet for a slice of pizza between dances never hurt anyone. The onboard parties are definitely not to be missed. From MSC’s White Party to Italian and Hollywood themed nights, there is always something to do or somewhere to be. Not to mention, we’ve found that many young travellers are adding unlimited drinks packages to their cruise.

6. Special discount for young travellers

In addition to the cost saving benefits of cruising, we offer a special discount for young cruises called Young&Young. If young travellers, aged between 18 and 29 years of age, are sharing a cabin, they can enjoy a discount of up to 20% off the cruise fare. Major. Cost. Saving. Read more about our Young&Young Discount.