Cruise from Santo Domingo, the Americas Oldest City

Over the past week, we’ve released cruise rates for our 2013-14 Holiday Season programme that include new Mediterranean cruise itineraries on-board MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida; Our Caribbean cruise programme on-board MSC Divina ex Miami; the return of MSC Armonia to the Red Sea; the addition of MSC Lirica cruising in the Arabian Peninsula ex Dubai.

However, one cruise destination we’re very excited about is featured on-board MSC Musica itineraries from November through to February 2014. Starting in Santo Domingo, we’re delighted to announce our new West Indies itineraries.

Outside of the cricket team, the West Indies is perhaps not the best known destination for Australians and New Zealanders. So, over the next blog few posts, we’re going to surprise and delight you about this romantic region with its remarkable culture, scenery and history. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about it.

MSC Musica will be home ported at Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This is the oldest permanently settled European city in the America’s, Santo Domingo was founded in 1496. It’s also surprisingly large with a population just shy of 4 million people making it the largest city in the Caribbean.

West Indies Cruise Itinerary Map

Images from Santo Domingo 

The old colonial quarter, due to its significance as the oldest settled European city in the Western Hemisphere, is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There is excellent architectural monuments to be explored in this area that include:

Alcazar de Colon – this semi palace was home of the Spanish Viceroy during colonial times and was restored in the 1950s.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor – this is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, consecrated by Pope Julius II in 1504 and was built over 28 years from 1512.

Fortaleza Ozama – The fortress is the oldest European military installation in the Americas that continues to stand.

As well as this, there is the National  Palace, the remarkable LDS Temple and a variety of museums in the city. With a history pre dating colonial times, as well as its role in the Empire Wars, it’s dictatorship and even occupation by USA in the 1960s; the cities colourful history, exciting architecture, warm climate and stunning beaches make Santo Domingo the perfect starting point for your West Indies cruise adventure.

For dates, pricing and cruise information on the new West Indies itinerary, see our website.