A Mediterranean Spring Affair To Remember

In the Australian Summer months, when we’ve reached peak temperatures, mosquitos are gnawing at our legs and our clothes cling to our bodies we find ourselves day dreaming about cooler days ahead. Days where you can spend an afternoon out in the sun without melting, when your iced water won’t turn tepid and shoulders aren’t redden by the second.

Autumn arrives and it’s like our prayers have been answered… but then all too soon, knitted jumpers, boots and umbrellas become mandatory accessories. You think to yourself – wouldn’t it be perfect if it was Spring? The most romantic season of all, appointed with ideals of rebirth and cleansing, dreams, exploration and discovery.

Spring is a perfect time for unearthing ancient towns, uncovering hidden secrets and delighting in generation to generation passed-down desserts and savoury delights. In the Spring months, these pleasures won’t be smothered by an overbearing Summer’s sun or spoiled by looming grey clouds. You’ll be able to dive into the world’s most iconic sea, surrounded by jagged mountains and made clear by pebbled seasides, and feel revitalised, re-energised and reignited…

Doesn’t this sound tempting? As miraculous as it would be it is not impossible. Let the magic of an MSC cruise transform your standard Autumn into the perfect place and time, that is: Spring in the Mediterranean.

Cruise past iconic and picturesque shorelines in the absolute comfort of a summer dress and shoal (or cool cotton shorts and shirts for the gents). Experience sheer luxury at ease as a refreshing Spring breeze whips through your hair and whistles ocean melodies from a dream time come true. Indulge in Italian inspired dishes each night that will tantalise your taste buds whilst you mingle with new friends and revisit your journeys from your cruise trip thus far.

Be swept up in our unique world that is cruising; where friends turn into family, days morph into nights and your cabin view changes from town to town, region to region, country to country. Imagine the likes of the Greek Islands, French seasides, Italian country towns and Spanish city centres welcoming you each day.

Spring time relaxing on-board MSC Fantasia in the Med

Envisage a mirage of colour, music, romance, inviting cultures, new friendships, gastronomy, carafes of vino, dance and laughter. This is what your life aboard a stunning state of the art MSC ship in Spring would comprise.