Fun Facts| Ports in Brazil: Santos and Sao Paulo

Today we’re going to focus on MSC Preziosa’s Brazilian home port, Santos. Santos is the home port of three MSC Cruise vessels over the Southern Hemisphere cruise season. Santos is effectively the port of Sao Paulo, South America and the Southern Hemisphere’s largest city. One should consider it like Milan is to Genoa.

Fun Facts : Sao Paulo
  • Population: 11.3 million.
  • Climate: Four seasons in one day (similar to Melbourne).
  • Sao Paulo was named after St Paul of Tarus and was initially just a religious college founded in the 1500s on the day Catholicism celebrates St Pauls Day.
  • A nearby village was moved to settle near the college due to frequent attacks by indigenous Americans in the area.
  • It was for several centuries a small village and one of few European villages inland in Brazil.
  • In the late 1600s, the local capital of the Captaincy of Sao Vicente was moved to Sao Paulo and gold was discovered.
  • Following Brazil’s independence, in the 1800s declared in the city, Sao Paulo became the Imperial City.
  • Sao Paulo became very wealthy from the export of coffee which allowed for it to expand rapidly

 Fun Facts: Santos
  • Polpulation: 400,000
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Came into prominence because of the importation and exportation of coffee.
  • Pele, the famous footballer is from here.
  • It has a series of canals.
  • It is mostly on the island of Sao Vicente connected to the continent by road
  • It has one of the worlds greatest coffee museums
  • It has the worlds largest beach front garden.