Magnificent South America Aboard MSC Magnifica

Four MSC Cruise ships now cruise South America during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. We thought we’d share some highlights on a typical seven night itinerary aboard MSC Magnifica.

Cruising in South America is a comfortable way to explore the East coast of the continent, and a perfect way to unwind after all the active adventure of this fabulous region.

Santos, Brazil

A lot of people ask us ‘Where is Santos?’ ‘What can we do there?’. Santos is a stone’s throw away from Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo. The charming, bustling, tropical port is perhaps most famous for its five kilometre garden. The Guinness Book of Records has registered it as the longest beach front garden on earth. Also, while there be sure to check out the iconic coffee museum, a must do for coffee lovers as this port boasts one of the busiest coffee export trades on earth. The Gonzaga tramways and trolleybuses are gorgeous too, and a great way to travel down to the beautiful seaside.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

It’s been called the St Tropez of South America, a resort town nestled on the coast of Uruguay. Aside from its ritzy seaside Riviera, there is the nearby Gorriti Island, famous for its seal colonies and the ‘Fingers of Punte del Est’e, a sculpture of fingers rising from the sand.

Montevideo, Uruguay

A city with incredible colonial and local history sitting on the Rio de la Plata. Most famously the country, once a province, was contested in a war between Brazil and Argentina. The resolution was the creation of the nation of Uruguay with the beautiful Plaza Independencia. It has lovely architecture including colonial Spanish, French, Portuguese, British as well as a charming collection of Art Deco buildings.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arguably, the cultural capital of South America, Buenos Aires is a hot destination for travelers around the world, and a natural must-do port of call when cruising in South America. In early 2013, MSC Magnifica overnights in Buenos Aires during many of its seven night cruises in the region. Whether you want to visit a tango bar, the famous National Congress, the Pink House or of course the world famous Avenida 9 de Julio, the large main avenue in the heart of the city, this city is simply fabulous. The city is strongly European in flavour with a bustling nightlife, fabulous history and incredible food. Be sure to add it to your bucket list if you haven’t already.

The destinations highlighted above are available in seven night itineraries departing Santos, Brazil aboard MSC Magnifica until March 2013. It is easy to reach from Australia or New Zealand with an Emirates flight to Sao Paulo and a transfer to and from Santos.