Cruise of the Week Fun Facts | 01.07.2013

MSC Preziosa|Brazil to Venice

It’s cruise of the week time again!
Cruise of the week for the week commencing 1 July 2013 will be on-board MSC’s newest cruise ships, MSC Preziosa. It is a 17 night cruise from Sao Paulo’s port, Santos via Buzios & Salvador crossing the Atlantic to the Canary’s, and Mediterranean ports of Malaga, Palermo, Malta and ending in beautiful Venice. Only $46pp per day departing 19 March 2014.

Fun Facts about ports on this cruise of the week:

Most travellers who will enjoy this cruise, will fly into Sao Paulo before taking a transfer to Santos. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and is the third largest on earth. Annually, the city hosts 90,000 different events many relating to international trade shows and conferences. It receives 16 million visitors a year, which is double that of Sydney.
Originally, this small coastal resort was settled by pirates. Today it is very much a hub for tourists because of its beautiful beaches. It was voted in the top ten most beautiful places on earth – see Bridget Bardot’s statue on the beach, this is a town the French star spent a great deal of time.
Brazil’s third largest city, it was once the most important port in the Southern Hemisphere. The city has the largest African origin population percentage of anywhere on earth outside of Africa, and it’s music, food and culture are heavily influenced by African cultures.
Aside from the fabulous Geria volcanic wine district we mentioned on our blog recently, Lanzarote offers some more volcanic related treats. Guests should consider checking out the geysers – you can even get to them by camel!
On the southern Mediterranean coast, this warm Spanish city is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. While in Malaga, be sure to call in to the Picasso Birthplace Museum.

On the incredible Italian island of Sicily is the culturally rich city of Palermo. It was founded by the Phoenecians in 734BC and has past hands from a wide range of kingdoms and empires due to its favourable harbour and proximity to mainland Europe. As result, it has a wealth of architectural treasures. The Capuchin Catacombs are a particularly popular, albeit morbid, tourism site – the last burials were in the 1920s!

A beautiful Island republic in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea halfway between Sicily and North Africa. Formerly a British Colony, visitors may be surprised that English is one of the official languages. The Megalithic Temples, UNESCO World Heritage listed, stake claim  to being one of the oldest free standing buildings on earth, some say the oldest, dating from 5000BC.

Venice was historically the capital of the formerly powerful Venetian Kingdom. Aside from its clear natural beauty due its canals, and charming architecture, Venice is the birthplace of some fairly well known historical figures, including Marco Polo, Casanova and Vivaldi.

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