Cruise of the Week Fun Facts | 24.06.2013

MSC Poesia | Buenos Aires to Germany

It’s cruise of the week time again and next week’s cruise is one of our most popular annual cruise itineraries year after year.

Cruise of the week for the week commencing 24 June 2013 will be on-board one of Australia’s favourite MSC Cruise ships, MSC Poesia. It is a 20 night cruise from Buenos Aires, South America to Warnemuende, Germany near Berlin departing on the 21st of April 2014.

MSC Preziosa Reception

Fun Facts about ports on this cruise of the week

Arguably, the cultural capital of Latin America, this European style metropolis is famous for the Tango, beef, wine, it’s beautiful colonial quarter “La Recoleta”, the Peron’s and its great sporting ability – most visitors enjoying this cruise fly in early to maximise their time in this incredible city.
One of the world’s most iconic cities, and home of one of the new “7 Wonders of the World”, the famed Christ the Redeemer statue. The harbour of this incredible Brazilian city, and World Cup host city in 2014 is often listed in the “7 Natural Wonders World.”

ANZAC DAY will be at sea between these two ports on this cruise in 2014.

The historic Portuguese capital of Brazil, it has a very famously restored town centre called the Pelourinho district which is true to the Portuguese and Dutch origins during the period of the 16th and 17th centuries. Salvador will also be a host city in the World Cup in 2014.

Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, is incredibly unique even by Canary Island standards. It is volcanic, with many parts of the island covered in volcanic ash. A very unique region is the region of Geria. If you are likely to only go to this island once in your life, go to Geria. Historic vineyards planted directly into volcanic ash protected by small stone walls. Incredible.
Maderia Island was discovered (though most say “rediscovered” with earlier maps noting its presence) by the Portuguese in the early 1400s and is often considered he first major discovery of the Portuguese empire.

Just north of Portugal on the European continent, Vigo famously was the Spanish home port during the Spanish Armada against the British.

A beautiful Medieval city in Belgium with lovely canals, for art lovers, be sure to take a glimpse of one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. the “Madonna of Bruges”. It can be view at the Church of Our Lady, also with tombs of some notable historic figures located in the church. Be sure to get the famed mussels with fries followed by a Belgian waffle when you visit.

 It is a city that has many tales from the little mermaid to Hamlet. It is also where Lego was invented and the famed original Legoland Billund is not far away for kids and kids at heart. The people of the city are particularly known for their friendliness.

A charming port in North East Germany, it is in the Rostock town famed for its German style of Medieval architecture. When disembarking here, guests may consider taking a transfer to Berlin, the German Capital.

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